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2022 is going to be my Emerald Year

2022 is going to be my Emerald Year

According to Susan Miller who runs Astrologyzone.com this year is going to be my Emerald Year. So after a succession of not so great years. I intend to embrace this one. My best friend Tracy used to call me her Emerald so this also has a sentimental feel to it. So I have made some firm plans, set some goals, and am going to focus each month using my Power of Three. I intend to make this one incredible year!

London bound

I celebrated Christmas and New Year in Bournemouth. Not doing much apart from eating and chilling, and writing some blog posts! I wanted to make this Christmas very special, for missing the last one because I was locked down in London, and also because who knows what will happen by this year. It has been quite scary to come back to London with COVID cases rising. Despite the fact that I have had my booster jab. I really do not want to get it – I am in the clinically extremely vulnerable group.

What a difference a year makes

After everything that happened in 2021, I feel like a completely different person starting 2022. I am more focused and have lots of things that I want to achieve this year. I am going to take part in one of my own cashless savings challenges to get some money saved for a house deposit. As well as look at how to improve my financial knowledge, as well as focus on sustainability.


I also plan to rest this year! As well as achieve my goals

January’s Power of Three included how to get a more balanced life. I have been resting instead of being ‘always on’ over Christmas and New Year. I even put down the laptop to watch TV and be present. Nothing is worse than someone on their laptop or phone when they are with you. You are not giving people your time and that is the biggest gift of all. Rest is something I intend to incorporate into my life more, especially on Sundays.


Power of Three – Money

Already I am loving the focus that these three priorities. are giving me. So far I have updated my budget, set up my Starling bank account to now use as a savings account for a house deposit, and have paid off all of my credit cards IN FULL. It has felt great paying off everything. The process started back in November when I withdrew some savings to start paying off any debt which I had accumulated during 2021.

I have also opened an eToro Trading Account, which is going to be my little hobby over the next few months looking at stocks and cryptocurrencies. Last year I joined a course and have set aside a little bit of money to use this year for both stocks and cryptocurrency. My Referral Link if anyone is interested. This is not investment advice. Your capital is at risk.

My advice is to only spend what you can afford to lose. I have a separate savings account to hit my financial goals before the end of the year, and a standing order has been set up to take weekly payments from my account to achieve these.

2022 Money

5 Cashless Savings Challenges to help you save.

I am going to kickstart the one to save £5,000 this year. To make this easier I divided £5,000 / 52 weeks of the year, which gave me £96.15. So I have set myself a target of saving £100 a week for 50 weeks of the year. This standing order has been set up to leave my account each week, and will transfer to Starling where I can watch it grow! Read all of the Cashless Savings Challenges to see which one you would like to set yourself. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much you start with. Just start today!

Top Tips Header

I feel in a really good place starting the year. I have ordered lots of food, am going to not drink alcohol on a school night this month, and am getting some rest. All of the things that upset me in 2021, I am going to try to let go this year. I am also going to keep a weekly diary of how this is all going! What are your plans for 2022…..

1. Set yourself one financial goal with a reward

I want to save up for a house deposit so I have a bank account solely set up for this so I can monitor how much I am saving over time. In the meantime, I am going to look at houses I want to buy, create a Pinterest mood board, and visualise what this will all mean for myself!

2. Don’t buy on impulse

I have a rather ‘addictive personality so I have to be very careful when buying anything. You will not find anything about gambling in this blog, because I do not want to push anyone into bad habits. I bought quite a few lottery tickets last year when I was bored or fed up. One of the goals this year is to not spend any money on the national lottery. However, if you are looking around for investments. Do your homework first! Similarly, I have deposited some money into eToro to buy individual stocks and cryptocurrency, but this is not investing. It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype on Instagram, and the media, but don’t buy anything on impulse. Only buy what you can afford to lose.

3. Think of another non-financial or work goal

One thing we have been lacking in our lives is a little fun! I am a massive believer in having a ‘fun fund’ and so as part of my monthly savings plan, I also set aside some money for this. It’s my birthday coming up, as well as my Emerald year apparently. I want to try and bring back some fun into my life! Safely go and visit all of the things in London I haven’t been able to see over the last couple of years.

Let me know what fun plans you have this year in the comments below…