Are you heading to the pub, gym or hairdressers tomorrow?

Lockdown Diaries: Are you heading to the Pub, Gym or Hairdressers tomorrow?

Monday, April 12th is a big date in everyone’s diaries as restrictions are easing all over England as part of the Government’s roadmap out of Lockdown. So many people haven’t seen friends, family or loved ones. Singles or those people in relationships haven’t been able to go on dates. Families haven’t been able to go out to restaurants or pubs yet this year.

Given that Monday is a workday, many people will be working tomorrow. Thankfully, the easing of restrictions this time has not been planned for a weekend, unlike what was coined as Super Saturday, which was heavily criticised last year. Social Media will be awash with images from shops, as well as pubs. With both advocates and detractors offering their opinion on the easing of lockdown.

What’s open from tomorrow, 12th April?

According to the GOV.UK website, Step 2, which will be no earlier than 12 April, will see the opening of:

  • non-essential retail;
  • personal care premises such as hairdressers and nail salons;
  • public buildings, including libraries and community centres.
  • Indoor leisure facilities such as gyms will also reopen (but only for use by people on their own or in household groups); as will most outdoor attractions and settings including outdoor hospitality venues, zoos, theme parks, and drive-in cinemas.
  • Self-contained accommodation such as campsites and holiday lets, where indoor facilities are not shared with other households, can also reopen.
  • Hospitality venues will be allowed to serve people outdoors at Step 2 and there will be no need for customers to order a substantial meal with alcoholic drinks and no curfew, although customers must order, eat and drink while seated (‘table service’). Wider social contact rules will apply in all these settings to prevent indoor mixing between different households.

Hospitality Venues reopen

My key tip: Don’t overdo it tomorrow!

Many pubs and bars are already booked out for tomorrow. You may need to check if you can book ahead rather than rocking up to your local establishment. London will be buzzing with people who will descend on the capital to hit the shops, and also the pubs too. If you are heading to your local after work, or plan to hit the pubs with your mates. Then plan ahead and go easy on the drinks and finances.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Gyms are back

My key tip: Check your membership subscription

The UK government has given the green lights for gyms to reopen, as long as they follow social distancing practices. Now many people would have cancelled or suspended their membership last year. Which wrote a great article last year Now the gym is open again, can I quit? as many will have memberships reactivated if they have been temporarily frozen. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may not be able to afford the gym. However, you may also be excited to get back into a routine and look forward to getting active again!

You can read my top tips on how to best manage your lockdown finances and also choose one of my 5 cashless savings challenges to do this year.

Top Tips Header

My Top 3 Lockdown Diaries Tips:

Tomorrow is a big date in the diary for many of us. Not everyone feels confident to go back outside, and we also need to remember that lockdown hasn’t fully ended yet. Many people are still due to have their vaccines too. However, I am sure tomorrow London will be packed with people either hitting the gym, getting their hair or nails done, shopping or having a cheeky tipple in the pub. Which one are you most keen to do from tomorrow?


The hospitality business has really felt the strain over this last year. With no restrictions on having to buy food or curfews, pubs and bars can now open their doors to the General Public. It’s going to be great to be back out having a drink, but just go easy on those finances! You don’t want a money hangover after the first day you have been allowed back out.


All of you gym bunnies will be pleased that gyms have reopened. I for one know that I have quite a bit of lockdown weight to shift! Do check your gym membership agreements and check for those direct debits to be activated if your local gym has suspended all payments while they have had to close.


I know a number of people who have booked to have their hair done next week! *Hairdresser friends look away now* While I am sticking to my home hair dyes for now to save money, I am really in bad need of having my fringe trimmed! I also need a new wardrobe after a year of lockdowns and shielding. I just need to be able to plan out how to afford it.

That concludes my NEW Lockdown Diaries series!