Audra Santa: Naked

Audra Santa: Naked

Audra Santa: Naked

Canadian songstress Audra Santa, released her debut UK single entitled ‘Naked’ on 10th July on Copper House via CD Baby. 

The track has been taken from her forthcoming EP, ‘The Boudoir Project’. A collection of sensual, downtempo electronica. Audra believed this to be a personal mode of self-expression that she would never share with anyone.  

It’s incredible. Sultry, melodic, beautiful… It’s one of those songs you can play over and over again as it is powerfully hypnotic.

Audra Santa

Note from Audra:

Audra says “Naked was written in secret in my bedroom.  A night alone with a bassline and bottle of wine, I expressed myself in a way I never had before.  The song is about how tangible sound can be when coupled with desire.”

The Boudoir Project sparked an awakening

The Boudoir Project sparked an awakening as Audra was healing from a broken marriage and years of repressing herself.  Through the process of writing this record, she discovered tantric energy, leading her down a path of self-discovery and meditation. 

A spontaneous kundalini awakening occurred, supporting her healing process and regaining parts of herself she thought she lost.  Interestingly, she also experienced an emergence of new intuitive abilities, and now provides readings for others on a spiritual path.

Audra’s music dubbed “Noir Soul”

The multi-disciplinary artist’s genre-bending style has been dubbed “Noir Soul”; combining elements of trip-hop, dark-pop and art-rock with rich, ambient textures.  Audra weaves soul and sensuality throughout her music, with echoes from Portishead to Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails to Pink Floyd.

Audra Santa

‘Naked’ video inspired by David Shepherd

Audra self-directed and edited the video for ‘Naked’ which features her dripping in honey. Inspired by the sensual hyper-realistic oil paintings of David Shepherd.  His “honey dust” painting inspired her to use this sticky metaphor for desire; pouring it over her head until she was completely covered.  The painting is also featured in the single’s cover art.

‘Afterglow’, was banned from Facebook promotion due to its provocative nature and “sexual content and nudity”. 

Her last self-directed video for her recent release in Canada, ‘Afterglow’, was banned from Facebook promotion due to its provocative nature and “sexual content and nudity”.  That video also evokes strong sensuality, but she believes neither video warrants censorship.

“There has been an attempt to control female sexuality and expression since time immemorial” Audrasays.  “The Boudoir Project helped me regain control of my narrative, find my voice, and claim my freedom.  Releasing ‘Naked’ is not just a matter of personal catharsis – I am hoping it may encourage others to connect with themselves.”

Audra santa

Audra Santa

In 2006, after completing her honours degree in Psychology, Audra moved from her hometown of Thunder Bay, Canada to Australia.  There she received a Masters in Public Health, focusing on Indigenous Health.  During these ten years, she got married. Served as a worship leader in a Pentecostal church, and was involved in a variety of musical projects.  She returned to Canada in 2016 as a single woman and settled in Toronto. Determined to pursue music professionally on native soil and on her own terms. 

In 2019, Audra played stages in Canada, Australia, France, and Sweden. Including a return to MIDEM in Cannes in addition to her first European tour.  Prior to COVID-19, she was planning a tour through the UK and Europe in support of The Boudoir Project.