NHS prescription charges from 1 May 2024


Charges for NHS prescriptions, wigs and fabric supports will increase on 1 May 2024.

The National Health Service (Charges for Drugs and Appliances) (Amendment) Regulations 2024 were laid before Parliament on 3 April 2024. The regulations set out the new NHS prescription charges in England. 

Charges for prescriptions and prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) will increase by 2.59% (rounded to the nearest 5 pence) from 1 May 2024. Charges for wigs and fabric supports will increase by the same rate.

A prescription will cost £9.90 for each medicine or appliance dispensed, an increase of 25 pence. The 3-month PPC will cost £32.05 and the 12-month PPC will cost £114.50.  

The hormone replacement therapy (HRT) PPC will cost £19.80, an increase of 50 pence. This is because the rate is set at twice the single prescription charge.

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Charges from 1 May 2024

Full details of the new charges from 1 May 2024 are in the table below:

ItemCurrent charge (1 April 2023 to 30 April 2024)Charge from 1 May 2024Change in £
Single prescription charge£9.65£9.90£0.25
3-month PPC£31.25£32.05£0.80
12-month PPC£111.60£114.50£2.90
HRT PPC£19.30£19.80£0.50
Surgical bra£31.70£32.50£0.80
Abdominal or spinal support£47.80£49.05£1.25
Stock acrylic wig£78.15£80.15£2.00
Partial human hair wig£207.00£212.35£5.35
Full bespoke human hair wig£302.70£310.55£7.85
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