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PERi-PERi Back On The Menu!

Nando’s opens its doors in 92 UK restaurants for eat-in

Get 50% off your next PERi-PERi fix in August

I absolutely LOVE Nando’s. My go-to- dish? Hot spicy chicken, PERinaise chips, coleslaw and medium PERi-PERi sauce. Stephen Bailey and I have our Nando’s dates. I am in heaven.

After successfully reopening 10 restaurants for eat-in two weeks ago, Nando’s has started to reopen more restaurants to the public.

What’s more. Every one of the 102 Eat-in Nando’s restaurants will be participating in the Government’s Eat Out To Help Out scheme. Which means…Peri-Peri will be 50% off on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout August.

Each restaurant has implemented a number of changes to ensure safety for both staff and customers, including:

  • Customers can expect a new service style including virtual queuing together with order & pay at the table via their phone.
  • Each restaurant will be operating under a reduced capacity to help maintain social distancing.
  • All food, drinks, cutlery, PERi-PERi sauces and napkins will be brought directly to your table
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PERi-PERi Back On The Menu!

93 further restaurants across London, Manchester, Reading, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Coventry, Sheffield and Belfast to name a few, will be opening their doors for hungry PERi-PERi fans from 30th July.

For a full list which Nando’s restaurants have reopened and whether you can enjoy your PERi-PERi with us or at home, please check here.


Before coming to their local restaurants PERi-PERi fans should note the following:

  • Each restaurant will be operating under a reduced capacity to help maintain social distancing. This means that there will be fewer tables available at any one time. Waiting times to be seated might be a little longer than usual. If demand is particularly high then customers needn’t worry. Online click and collect and home delivery and will still be available in some restaurants.   
  • Each restaurant will be operating a virtual queuing system via a QR code which can be scanned via a mobile phone. Customers will be allotted a virtual slot in the queue. Then alerted when their table is ready via a text message or notification.
  • The restaurant will be able to accommodate tables of up to six people maximum. When your table is ready. A member of the Nando’s team will greet you at the door, where hand sanitiser will be provided. Before leading you to your table.
  • Customers will have a recyclable disposable menu available but will scan a QR code and place their order and pay via their phone.
  • All food, drinks, cutlery, PERi-PERi sauce and napkins will be brought to your table by a member of the restaurant team and dessert orders can be made at the table. Anyone looking to order a refill for their drink should speak to a member of the team who will happily grab a clean glass and refill it for you.
  • Tables will be clear of the usual menu stands, cockerel sticks and saltshakers and will be completely cleaned down and swept before and after each use including tables, chairs and the surrounding floor.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The new measures are designed to minimise contact with customers at other tables and avoid queues within the restaurant to maintain safety. Returning customers should rest assured that their safety, as well as the safety of our team, is a top priority.

A reduced menu will help the restaurant team maintain social distance in the kitchen and food prep areas. Don’t worry, Nando’s favourites such as PERi-PERi chicken wings, halloumi and PERi chips will still be available.

Each Nando’s restaurant has been working under increased government COVID-19 safety guidelines for the past weeks. On top of their existing health and safety procedures serving delivery and online click and collect customers.

Eat Out to Help Out Scheme

50% off your next PERi-PERi Fix!

Not only can you enjoy Nando’s again. With the 50% off Eat Out to Help Out scheme. Fans can also get 50% off their PERi-PERi fix every Monday-Wednesday in August when they eat-in. That’s all food and soft drinks for half price! T&Cs apply.

Nando’s will be slightly cheaper than usual on every other day as well. They have also passed on all the savings of the recent VAT cut to our customers as well.

A full list can be found here.