what’s virtual reality cinema?

Virtual Reality film immerses you in the action, transforming the way filmmakers can tell stories. Look around you. Gaze into the distance. You’re there – in the same place as the protagonist – so you call the shots.

Is this the same as 3d cinema?

It couldn’t be more different. 3D cinema adds a layer of additional complexity to regular films, whereas VR film immerses you in the content. Filmed using 360 cameras, you’ll be surrounded by the story. Content must be built specifically for Virtual Reality, as the medium is completely different from a regular static screen.

how does it work?

You’ll wear an individual headset as a pair of 3D headphones while sitting on a comfortable swivel stool that enables you to easily look at the action all around you. Not only will the image move with your head, but the sound will move too, making you really believe the environment you are in is real.

What will I watch?

When you attend for Haunted Cinema, you’ll enjoy a compilation of 3-4 short virtual reality films plus a brief intermission. Check out their homepage to check out what’s showing.

Where do you find the films you show?

Veero scours film festivals and the tech scene to identify the best immersive films attracting critical praise. We then work directly with the filmmakers to get their permission to bring them to a London audience. This process takes love and time, but it enables us to be the first to bring this content to UK audiences.

Can I do it at home?

Absolutely! In fact, right now you can only enjoy VR film at home. But we know that’s not how most people like to experience films. That’s why we’re opening the UK’s first virtual reality cinema, to give film lovers a space where they can enjoy VR experiences with their friends, colleagues and loved ones, in an environment that excites and inspires.

where and when is it?

The Halloween pop-up will run from Tuesday 24th October to Sunday 29th October at a Covent Garden location. Click here for more information. If you can’t make these dates, please sign up to our email list for news about our upcoming permanent venue.

it’s halloween. Should i fancy dress?

Come as you please! Love, love, love costumes. But don’t feel obliged. If you do come in fancy dress, we advise against elaborate face makeup or headgear, because we’re going to put a big VR headset right in front of your eyes. It’s going to smudge… and you’re going to look scary in a totally unintended way.

do you serve refreshments?

We do! But in order to keep things running efficiently, you ask that you pre-order them along with your ticket.


We’re located right in the middle of London’s theatreland in Covent Garden. You’ll have to walk down a flight of stairs between the street and our venue. Please get in touch with any questions.

are there age restrictions?

Veero is only suitable for persons aged 16 or over.

is it HYGIENIC to share vr headsets?

It might be Halloween, but sharing costumes feels a bit gross. Sharing VR headsets feels pretty much the same. We get it. But trust us, not only do we sanitize every headset after use, but we also have disposable VR headset barriers on hand for anyone who wants to be super clean. Just ask.

should i be aware of any health requirements?

Virtual Reality is safe, but it can be overwhelming for some new users. You might read reports of people feeling nauseous, but rest assured, in our experience that is largely connected to the sort of content people view. (For example, roller coaster simulators often make people feel a bit sick. Funny that.) If you do feel unwell, just take your headset off and we’ll be on hand with a glass of water and some reassuring words.

You’ll be seated throughout the experience, so no need to worry about falling over.

If you wear glasses, VR headsets can usually be worn over them, unless they are particularly big. If you switch between glasses and contact lenses, we suggest you wear your contacts on the day you come to us. If you have significant visual impairments, you might experience some issues with the technology. Just contact us and we can advise based on your individual circumstances.

what technology do you use?

We use Samsung Gear VR, which is a lightweight headset ideal for new users. You don’t have to worry about technical skills. We know you care about content more than technology, so that’s where we focus our efforts.

tell me more about wearecinema

Click here to find out more about WeAreCinema and their productions in Switzerland, Germany and beyond!

tell me about veero… what else do you guys do?

We love Halloween, but there’s more to us than that. Find out more here. Or please get in touch with us by e-mail. It’s hello@veero.co

FAQs from Veero 🙂