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Summer 2024 Style Trends To Have In Your Locker

Summer 2024 is set to be the best one yet. With the weather warming up and new trends making their way down the catwalk, we expect big things from this season’s fashion. There are outfits that we know and love, and there are new faces that are going to cause mixed options, but all in all, we are excited to see what the public conjures up with these trends in mind. 

White boho

Although we are inching our way out of the minimalism trends that had a chokehold over everyone in the last year, we are still seeing classic colours being a prominent theme for this year’s summer. The white ‘boho’ theme is somewhat a homage to the ‘2016 Coachella’ look that everyone holds close to their hearts. From white flowy trousers to white lace dresses, we are seeing all the major celebrities, and all the top high street shops showcasing their crisp white pieces ready in time for summer. We are excited to see boho white maxi dresses, paired with sandals and a cute crochet bag. Not to mention wearing these lighter colours is handy for when the weather reaches scorching temperatures. 

High rise trousers

The most interesting take from this summer’s anticipated trends is the continuation of comfort over style. Yes, style is at the forefront of all fashion trends, but we are not yet ready to sacrifice our comfort for it. The pandemic was a huge driving force for comfy, flattering fashion, and high-waisted trousers were one of the best things to come from it. We are talking about wide-leg, spacious, flattering trousers that sit above the waste and make the perfect staple piece to build an outfit around. Keeping in the summer theme, we will be seeing a lot of satin and cotton high-waisted trouser textures to make sure maximum breathability is incorporated.

Linen layering 

Speaking of linen, we are going to see endless amounts of linen down the high streets this season. Entire outfits will be based on the concept of linen, because of its cooling properties, sustainable features and endless style potential. Be sure to have yourself some wide-legged linen trousers and a lined shirt to match those off-duty days, or casual office looks. 

Rose Fashion

Rose detailing 

Designers around the world have all been dropping one particular hint as to what trend will be peaking this summer. Roses have played a prominent part in Summer 24’s catwalk scene, and we are seeing rose designs just about everywhere. From rose-embellished blazers to sandals with rose detailing, if you are not including roses in your summer outfits then what are you doing? Consider elevating a simple black maxi dress with a rose choker to hop onto the trending hype.

Orange for everyone 

We said minimalism is on its way out, now it’s time to welcome maximalist colours in, and we are looking at you orange. Orange will be the colour of the season, and we can’t wait to see the brightness of this colour shine over summer. The runway suggests orange will be the centrepiece of each outfit, such as abayas, or even pops of orange in the form of hats and handbags will play a prominent role in bringing this colour the coverage it deserves.

Corporate black and white 

The brightest of this summer has taken a turn due to a microtrend that took over the TikTok scene. The micro trend of ‘corporate casual’, also referred to as the ‘office siren’ look is well and truly underway. This involves dressing in fitted smart trousers, a cute shirt or blouse, and accessorising with chunky jewellery and kitten heels. We suspect the summer edition of the corporate casual look will be similar, but opt for a wide-leg trouser, sandals, and breathable shirt as opposed to the skin-tight stretch we have seen thus far. 

The never-ending trench 

The trench made its way back to the fashion scene around 2 years ago, and she doesn’t intend to go anywhere. The classic trench is such a staple and was layering during winter, but will now be left to slouch over the summer months. It’s the perfect jacket option for those looking to stay covered whilst also elevating their on-the-go look. Whether you are going on a city break to Europe over the summer or you are grabbing a coffee with friends, a trench will not let you down.

Slouchy belts 

Last but certainly not least, we are seeing the return of fashion belts. Belts have recently been a prominent accessory for festival fashion, but now they are seeping into everyday wear. Styling them over maxi skirts, with a chunky fit to them is the best way to make your belt work its magic this summer.

Bottom line 

Summer fashion is always one to look forward to. This year’s trends are looking to be much more fun and daring than those we have seen previously. Plus, the looks mentioned are completely universal no matter what your style preferences are. Get looking, and collate the summer wardrobe that reflects the months of memories that are set to be made!

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