Lockdown Diaries: Who do you plan to hug as we ease out of lockdown?

Lockdown Diaries: Who do you plan to hug as we ease out of lockdown?

Hugs are back!

I have really missed my friends and family this year. Soon I will be able to visit my mother, which will be quite an emotional reunion given she was diagnosed with the Big C under lockdown. I haven’t seen my brothers in a year and a half, conducting our family catch-ups over FaceTime and calls. Realising I have been a rather absent friend this year too, apart from a few Facebook updates and messages. I can’t wait to actually meet people face-to-face and have a drink or two when the sun finally comes out!

Hugs are back (although not mandatory).


Beware of all of the scams online

Mrs Money Penny is a fantastic UK Money Blogger, who recently shared her personal story about being scammed and losing £2,000 of money. It’s quite shocking just how many scams there are at the moment. What angers me is that people are capitalising on people who looking to make money or become financially independent during the pandemic. Or are vulnerable people within society. Lynn’s story is truly worth reading as it shows that even someone who is really switched on regarding money, can be duped by people who seem professional. Martin Lewis has been campaigning for the Government to take this seriously, and this I feel is only the tip of the iceberg. Whether it’s online course, cryptocurrency, HMRC bogus calls or emails. Be very careful about giving your money to anyone else.

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My Top 3 Lockdown Diaries Tips:


I have been rather rubbish at keeping in touch with people over lockdown. What started off as fun party zooms, turned into texts and calls with nothing really new to tell anyone! I have tried to keep in touch with a handful of people, but have neglected others. So I have been dropping old friends texts to check-in to see how they are doing.


I have forgotten just how much money is involved when going out, out! Train fares, drinks, perhaps even a taxi home. You may (or may not) have some spare cash to splash having saved during lockdown. However, budget for each time you go out rather than getting that credit card out and going a bit crazy!


Many of us are stressed from job hunting, money, relationships or just the general ennui of lockdown. So why not treat yourself? I dyed my hair a new red this week, and a bottle of bubbles for a Friday night. Sometimes you need to remind yourself just how special you are.

That concludes my NEW Lockdown Diaries series!