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Celebrating ‘Read A New Book Month’ encourages you to do just what’s in the name! Read a new book! Maybe trade books with friends and family throughout the month to make it cheaper. Make reading a habit throughout the year by establishing a book club. Get together to read and discuss a different book each month with other people. Don’t let ‘Read A New Book Month’ go by without discovering a new author! Ask for recommendations. Join a library to save on costs too.

History of Read A New Book Month

Books have stood as a testament to the spreading of knowledge, the sharing of tales, and the expansion of the mind. The first written word appeared in 3400BC, and the first story was The Epic of Gilgamesh, a tale of the eponymous ruler of the Sumerian city-state of Uruk between 2700-2500BC, told in a mythological style. While this first tale was written on clay tablets, it none-the-less is a book.

The definition of what constitutes a book has certainly changed over the years. Read A Book Month encourages you to take in as many books as you can throughout your life. To learn new things. To learn about other people and philosophies.

Recommended Books this month

It (1927) Style, Culture & a Twentieth Century Icon – Denny Ledger

, released today, 1st September 2018 by Denny ledger, It celebrates the life of film star Clara Bow.

Clara Gordon Bow, destined to become THE flapper of the 1920’s, was born in 1905. She was raised in poverty and violence in Brooklyn, New York. She won a photo beauty contest which launched her extensive movie career from 1922 to 1933.

The movie It (1927) defined her career. Clara was starred as a shopgirl who was asked out by the store’s owner. As you watch the silent film you can see the excitement as she prepared for her date with the boss, her friend trying hard to assist her. She used a pair of scissors to modify her dress to try to look “sexier”. It was Clara Bow who first adorned the iconic little black dress.

. I intend to spend one evening and immerse myself in her work.

she felt like feeling nothing –  R.H.Sin

R.H.Sin touches the souls of women who have loved, are heartbroken who are struggling with self-worth.  I am going to read back to back this month. i follow R.H.Sin and Samantha on Instagram; both are incredibly amazing and talented poets.

Things to do before you’re 30 – Jessica Misener

I wrote about this book recently, but Things to do before you’re 30 is full of gems. I am working my way through them (not all possible in the short term).

Exhausted to Energised – Dr. Libby Weaver

I bought  last month as my energy was low. I have been incredibly stressed out recently. Stress always affects my sleep and appetite, which is a vicious circle when left unchecked.

Book Month isn’t just about reading fiction. You can read whatever you want. I am going to work my way through Exhausted to Energised to try to introduce some healthier habits into my lifestyle!