Frugal Fashion: Creating Your Dream Wardrobe For Less

Frugal Fashion: Creating Your Dream Wardrobe For Less

We now live in a world where clothes can be expensive and inexpensive if you shop in the right places. The issue with many people is that they don’t know where and how to shop. Whether you are a uni student or your rent is taking all your wages, here is your complete guide to frugal fashion – keeping yourself looking fashionable whilst sticking to a tight budget. 

Create Your Capsule Wardrobe

The aim is to create a capsule wardrobe that can be worn through all seasons for several years. It will usually consist of timeless classics and avoid fast-fashion trends. Additionally, you need to ensure quality over quantity with your wardrobe. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for so don’t be shy of paying that little bit extra because, in the long run, they will thank you for it. 

Vintage/ Charity Shops

Visiting vintage and charity shops can save you a lot of money. These will be second-hand but are usually in a good enough condition to be worn in public. In these stores, you will likely come across numerous fashion brands that can be valuable. In fact, some people do this for a side hustle and help them earn extra cash with a few hidden gems in vintage shops. 

Online Second-Hand Shopping

Up next is online second-hand shopping which is another great way to buy designer clothes at affordable prices. The online world is great because you can browse numerous websites to find clothes you can afford. It is far less time-consuming than visiting a shopping centre. The only issue with this is that you won’t be able to see what the quality is like with these clothes. Make sure you see all angles of the clothes and a couple of close-up images. 

Upcycle Your Current Clothes

If you have a crafty skillset and are capable of using knitting and sewing needles, you should consider giving new life to the old clothes you no longer wear. Plain t-shirts can have patches of other materials sewn into them to give them a new look. Embroidery can also look great on a hoodie or one of your old pairs of jeans. All these are great options for ensuring you are making the most of your old clothes. 

Consider Renting Clothes

Renting clothes is now becoming a normality for many online businesses. It is a more sustainable way of wearing new clothes. Not only will you save money because you are not paying the price but you can wear it once and then send it back if you keep it in good condition. We don’t advise you to rent new clothes for every occasion. We only suggest renting for special occasions. It could be a graduation dress, a wedding, or maybe an evening gown for a Christmas party

Shop The Off-Season Sales

To make the most of your favourite fashion brands. We recommend you shop during the off-season. If you ever see an item of clothing you like, remember that it will soon be available for a discount. So please don’t pay the total price for it. Wait for the item to go on sale, whether you saw a piece of clothing on sale in a shopping centre in Leeds or an online store. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix High With Low Prices

Mixing high-value clothing with low-value clothing can be a great look if done correctly. For example, you can go cheap with a pair of joggers but wear a luxury streetwear hoodie. Wearing a designer handbag with a 30-dollar dress can also look great. As long as the cheap piece of clothing looks the part, you can wear something expensive with it. It is all about being creative with what you own. 

Read The Labels When Looking After Your Clothes

One of the main reasons many people have to buy new clothes is because they didn’t wash them correctly. If you don’t wash your clothes correctly, you can ruin or shrink them. Maybe the colour would run into the white part of the clothing or the label would fade. All of these are issues that can be avoided. Read the label before putting all of your clothes in the washing machine. 

Keep your wool clothes away from cotton because wool can get stuck onto the cotton. White clothes shouldn’t be washed with coloured clothes. Jeans should be washed inside out. All of these are little tricks to ensure your clothes last a long time. 

To Conclude

You can save money when shopping to keep you looking stylish in many ways. However, one of the biggest problems you may have is that you don’t wash them correctly. Another frugal fashion tip: as soon as you start washing your clothes correctly, you will see longevity improve on your clothes, no matter what it is.