White Walkers Buckingham Palace

Winter is here: White Walkers descend on Britain

Photo credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Sky celebrate the launch of the latest Game of Thrones by releasing White Walkers on the streets of Britain

The best thing about living in London is that it is the epicentre of the media world. There so many PR stunts and filming happens in and around the city.

So imagine walking through London on Tuesday 11th July. White walkers descended on London to celebrate the launch of Game of Thrones Season 6. Starting at 9 pm this coming Monday, July 17th on Sky Atlantic.

White Walkers on Oxford Street
Photo credit: PinPep Five models dressed as ‘White Walkers’ pass by Oxford Street.
Photo credit: PinPep The ‘White Walkers’ led by the ‘Night King’ on horseback, pass by The Tower of London in London.

It may be summer, but this morning winter arrived in Britain.

At first light, The Night King was spotted travelling south on horseback from Hadrian’s Wall. Passers-by were left aghast as he descended on London joined by a troop of White Walkers. With sightings at Oxford Circus, Tower Bridge and The Tower of London, as they advanced on Buckingham Palace’s Throne Room.

White Walkers descend on Britain ahead Ge of Thrones Season 7

Five actors transformed into White Walkers for the stunt. Using specially designed prosthetics and a team of stylists and body paint artists to complete the look. It took over 8 weeks to create the full costumes. Each actor spent 4 hours in makeup before hitting the streets of London. You thought you were hot in London this week!

Photo credit should read: PinPep

The sightings mark the return of Game of Thrones to Sky Atlantic and NOW TV next Monday 17 July.

It seemed fitting to unleash our very own troop of White Walkers on locations across the UK

Zai Bennett

Zai Bennett, director of programmes at Sky Entertainment UK and Ireland: “It may be summer in the UK, but after six seasons, winter has finally arrived in Westeros. With Jon Snow crowned King in the North, Cersei on the Iron Throne, Daenerys Targaryen and her colossal armada crossing the seven seas to Westeros and the Night King moving south at the helm of a truly terrifying army of the dead, the greatest battles are truly ahead of us. With this in mind, it seemed fitting to unleash our very own troop of White Walkers on locations across the UK.”

A model dressed as the ‘Night King’ from Game of Thrones appeared at Hadrian’s Wall on horseback. Hadrian’s Wall is the location that famously inspired George RR Martin’s vision for The Wall. A 700-foot ice wall in Game of Thrones that’s defended by The Nights Watch and stretches for 300 miles along the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms.

Over 5 million viewed each episode of Season 6 across Sky’s platforms, including NOW TV and Sky Go.

Editor’s Note: I have not been paid by Sky or any third party for this feature. As you can probably tell by now, I am just a huge GOT fan!