Yellow Snow Warning issued

Snow London

Yellow Snow Warning issued for London & UK by Met Office

I absolutely love the snow in London. That said an official ‘yellow’ snow warning has been issued this week. So if you are planning on travelling, be careful. You may want to keep an eye on transport in case there are any disruptions.

It’s not possible at this stage to be certain where exactly will see the worst impacts of any snow, but people need to be prepared for the possibility of disruption and make sure they check the forecast regularly – Chief Meteorologist Paul Gundersen 


What is a yellow snow warning?

A yellow snow warning issued by the Met Office means that snow can affect the general public. It is not classed as severe but is can cause disruption and depending on where you live in the country, have an impact on your day. Snow is due tomorrow and due to carry on into Wednesday.

Is a yellow warning dangerous?

A yellow warning for snow and ice is now in place for most of the UK, including all of England and Wales, and western and northern parts of Scotland.

Public Health England and the Met Office have also issued an amber alert warning of life-threatening cold in the North West, North East and Yorkshire and the Humber. The most critical stage is red, or “national emergency”.

London snow

Dealing with Asthma in the snow

Cold air can be a trigger for many asthmatics. If the winter wasn’t bad enough with colds and flu going around. Snow and freezing cold weather can also trigger an attack.

I have asthma, a condition which affects the lungs. Despite having the flu job, I was hospitalised this month having caught various lurgies going around and a chest infection. If you know that cold air is likely to trigger off an attack, then please do take extra precautions. Wear a scarf to breathe through. Increase your medications if you feel your asthma is getting worse. A sudden attack can prove fatal.

London Snow
Wrap up warm too!.

Keep up-to-date – stay safe!

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Keep an eye on the weather warnings throughout the day if you intend to travel.

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