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May Bank Holiday

May Bank Holiday 2018 | London

I don’t know about you, but I have never managed to budget for two bank holidays in a month. If only HR could factor these into the two pay roll cycles. So, this May Bank Holiday I planned…NOTHING.

Work drinks

Work Drinks

Friday 26th May 2018 | Farringdon, London

Despite feeling shattered – I had been working on a number of events this week – nothing was going to stop me from staying for a quick drink with my colleagues from work. I do love them. Finding a table next door to our place of work in Farringdon, the wine and bubbles came out (ok, that was me). To celebrate the beginning of the Bank Holiday Weekend. I had such a lovely catch up with the girls. So much so, one of the girls and I stayed out together for a cheeky few more when the others went home.

chillin in London


Sunday 27th May | Home

Sometimes we burn ourselves out through everyday living. World Mental Health Awareness Day recently focussed on stress as an issue. Today was the day I decided it was time to rest. I did nothing. Except write and lounge in the garden. I walked the dog with my friend and just relaxed all day. The thunderstorms from the previous night prevailed and after a beautiful day, the downpours revisited during the evening. I seem to have entered into the dark world of ‘Scandal’. We are down to the last few episodes. It’s been another boxset my best friend and I have made our way through.

Windrush: Portrait of a Generation

Monday 28th May |Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, SE1 9PH

OK. I can’t go a whole weekend doing absolutely nothing. However nice it is. I have lots I want to review in London and this is my favourite time of year to do it. So Monday, I’m off to see this art gallery.

Windrush: Portrait of a Generation is a photo-story by award-winning photographer Jim Grover that captures the lives of the first generation of Caribbean migrants here in South London in the run-up to the 70th anniversary (on June 22nd 2018) of the arrival of the ship ‘Empire Windrush from Jamaica.

The ageing merchant ship brought 492 young hopefuls, nearly all of them Jamaican men, to help rebuild Britain in the aftermath of the war. This was a truly momentous moment in the evolution of Britain’s cultural life: the arrival of those first passengers and ensuing steady flow of migrants from the Caribbean, often referred to as the ‘Windrush generation’, was a major step in the creation of a multi-racial Britain.

Open bank holiday weekend.

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