Freshers' Week Essentials

Freshers Week: The Essentials

Freshers Week: The Essentials

Freshers Week has to be the best week of the academic year. So we thought we would dedicate this blog post to all the freshers who have moved to the city and provide some essential information for your first year at uni.

The degree bit

Don’t forget to do all the stuff like go to the induction of your course, meet other people and your tutors. Find out where your lectures and seminars are going to take place. You know, err the important stuff. You will also need to sign on for your degree to get that all-important students loans. Wear comfy shoes. You will be queuing a lot.

Freshers Fayres

Find out where your student’s union is and go to the Freshers Fayre. Not only will you get lots of freebies and discounts. You will no doubt sign up to the odd club or two, which most often or not you won’t then attend all year. It’s a good way to find out what’s going on for the rest of the year.

Your housemates

Most often or not, you will have moved into a hall of residence. Just enjoy your Freshers Week and all go out together. Whether you are at a campus university or in the city, there will be things to do every night. Just don’t get to know your housemates too well during Freshers Week. You have to live with them all year!