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Lockdown Diaries: Game Over

Game Over

Lockdown Diaries: Game Over

The last couple of weeks has been a little bit stressful. Despite being reassured that I wouldn’t have to shield, I received another Government Guidance letter to say that I should work from home, or not at all. Despite all advice, I carried on working from the office. I do think that we under-estimate how the COVID crisis does have an impact on us in our day-to-day lives. I travelled back one day and a family sat next to me – all without masks. I got up straight away and moved further down the train carriage. We still seem to be existing in a nation of two halves. As someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable, as much as I am trying to live my life normally, we are not in the ‘new normal’ quite yet. Unfortunately, my ‘red flag’ for being stressed is not being able to sleep. You only have to check Twitter every night, to see that you are not alone. However, insomnia is quite debilitating. Christmas is a time when I intend to rest and get my sleep back!

Sadly I left my job this month

I managed to start in lockdown, leading a virtual team and now have left with another lockdown looming. It really has been an amazing but crazy experience, but I have been glad to meet so many great people. That to me is the most important thing.

So, I will be sharing my top tips on how to look after your finances after leaving a job, and making sure they are all sorted for the New Year!

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My Top 3 Lockdown Diaries Tips 


I was talking to a work colleague who also suffered from insomnia this year. Remember the ‘flight or fight’ body response, which is what our body gears up to in times of stress. We are faced with stress the minute we wake up, and all of this has an impact on us whether we realise it or not. So sometimes, just decide to give yourself a break. Think about how you would talk to your best friend, and talk to yourself in that way. It’s ok not to be ok, but you are stronger than you think.


I regularly do a money audit, and now use Plum to understand how much I have in all of my bank accounts at any one time. So this week I have been looking at my App Store subscriptions and have cancelled anything I have signed up to this year, and forgot to cancel. The same goes for my credit cards, and bank statements. Make sure you streamline everything, even if you are still working because you can then use any additional cash to save if you can. Look at how you can get your finances in festive shape.


When you leave a job, it’s more than that. You have built up relationships and friendships. You have devoted your time and energy to that job over time. Sometimes there were perks of the job you have been accustomed to. So when you leave a job it’s like breaking up with a partner. Grieve for that relationship, but then move on. Dust off your CV, update your LinkedIn, then get back out there!

That concludes my NEW Lockdown Diaries 2 series!

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