Goal-setting this September.

Goal-setting this September.

September – a month for new beginnings

Back to school.  Start of University.  New stationary, clothes and a new stage in life. Until recently, I always bought myself an Academic diary.  The New Year is all very good for starting anew, but why not set aside September to set yourself some goals?

The Office

Re-invigorate your job

September is often a time when lots of people decide to move jobs.  The market moves, and companies often start to recruit.  Attitude is everything. If you like your job but have been suffering a certain malaise, this is the time to get things back on top. 

It is so easy to confuse a comedown from the summer holidays, which are carefree and fun, with having to go back to deadlines, unanswered emails and feeling like nothing has changed.

Don’t quit your job quite yet! Be honest with yourself.  Do you like your job but need to be more challenged? Do you not socialise with your colleagues? Is there something YOU can do to make it more interesting and fulfilling? Goal-setting can be fun too!

Goal Setting

Set yourself goals

Are you stagnating in your career?  Are you seeking out a promotion or your next step?

It is so easy to get comfortable in a job. Don’t moan about it to all of your friends and family. If you no longer want to get up in the morning, you are not feeling challenged, motivated or valued.

Try to meet with your boss to discuss your ambitions and set goals. You may want to work towards a promotion or pay raise. So set out what you need to do to achieve this.

Top Tip: Talk to your line manager about how to progress in your role. Say that you are interested in being promoted and ask what you need to do to get it.  Everyone needs to be responsible for their own career progression. If there is none, think about what you can do to make your role more rewarding. In my career, I often stayed in roles rather than moving on, staying out of loyalty to the company and masking a fear of the unknown.  Don’t make this mistake. You should always be thinking about making that next move.

Detox your wardrobe

I love autumn and winter fashions. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the summer months, but something about winter dresses, boots and coats sends my purse into a flitter.

Tip: Keep clothes that you will keep and then get rid of the items you will no longer wear. Declutter your wardrobe and sell them or give them to friends or charity. Goal-setting can be incorporated into your personal life too.

  • EBay: any items you feel you can make money from.  Make sure you add postage to the sale of your items.  I have had to refund a number of items from people who claimed things never arrived.  Not everyone is as honest as you.
  • Charity Shops: are always screaming out for dresses and covetable items. Why not donate your clothes to a charity of choice?  You’ll feel good afterwards.
  • Clothes parties: can be a great excuse to get your friends together and sell off any unwanted items. I have often bought unwanted clothes from friends who have e better eye for clothes than me or could afford designer dresses at the time.

“Your home is living space, not storage space.”
Francine Jay.

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