Anna Aarons: from Amy to Eva

Anna Aarons produces shows for fans of talented vocalists Amy Winehouse and Eva Cassidy

Amy Winehouse and Eva Cassidy are one of the two greatest female vocalists of all time. Anna recreates their music for fans everywhere and is hosting a lunchtime gig at Pizza Express Live this Sunday in London to celebrate the music of Eva Cassidy.

Anna Aarons

Celebrating the amazing talents that were gone too soon

Both Amy and Eva were incredible vocalists, and musicians, who left us too soon. Anna looks to celebrate their music, by recreating it on the stage for fans everywhere, who want to listen to their music live. Something we have definitely all missed!

Anna has been doing shows to celebrate the music of Amy Winehouse for the last 5 years, but having researched Eva, was taken by the similarities between the two women. Both loved jazz but didn’t want to be pigeon-holed by their labels. Eva had formerly been spotted by a jazz label early in her career says, Anna. but only wanted to sing what she wanted to sing. Very much like Amy. It is this why Anna relates to them both as musicians and inspired her as a singer.

As a fan it’s for fans to experience her music live.

Anna Aarons
Pizza Express Live

Pizza Express Live – Anna Aarons

In memory of Amy Winehouse has now sold out. Anna sold out multiple shows at Pizza Express Live performing her tribute to the late soul superstar. ​She began to develop a name for herself by busking on the London Underground, and her talent helped her reach the Quarterfinals of the Isle of Wight New Blood Competition. Now, she is delivering captivating new music that is indicative of her dazzling potential.

Anna will be hosting a show on 14th July Pizza Express Live, The Pheasantry, West London.

Anna Aarons

Interview with Anna Aarons

Tell me more about your event celebrating Eva Cassidy?

Eva had a voice that would stop people in their tracks. She would reconstruct a song and make it her own. Like Amy, she was an amazing musician who was gone too soon. It reminds me of the fragility of life, and I want to continue their legacy through their music. as an artist, I think it’s important to recognise and celebrate the artists that inspire you, rather than just get so caught up in your own work.

Who was Eva Cassidy?

Eva Cassidy was born in 1963 to German mother Barbara and American father Hugh Cassidy. She learnt music, taught by her father, at a young age along with her brother Dan, and is well known for her interpretations of jazz, blues and folk music. She made a small name for herself in her hometown but received bigger acclaim posthumously in the UK when Terry Wogan played her recording of Over the Rainbow on radio 2. It was following her death, that she gained post-humous success.

What Top Tips do you have for other musicians and artists living in London?

I mentioned that I love Southbank. I used to volunteer at The Globe so that I could see shows. You can buy tickets for £5, which are technically the best seats in the house as you can stand right at the front, very close to the actors. I would love to walk from The Globe to Waterloo and love the vibe there. It is a happy place, with restaurants and people, in a big space.

You can also attend open mike nights. There is a night called Old Fashioned’ at the Old Queen’s Head in Angel for £5, which is fantastic. So many talented people, whether musicians or singers.

What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

I am looking forward to doing more gigs again and hopefully will think about releasing more music next year!