Brighten up your smile for party season

Brighten up your smile for party season

Brighten up your smile for party season at Smilepod

Recently I was #gifted a High Gloss Diamond Polish® at Smilepod in London. I think that working in Marketing, PR and Events it’s all very well investing in your outfits and inner glow. However, what about your outer glow? Your smile says everything about you.

Smilepod Brighten up your smile for party season

Your smile says everything about you

So many say the eyes are the window to the soul. Which is true, yet your smile is the most engaging thing about you – especially in the city. Brighten up your smile for party season at any of their city branches.

Brighten up your smile for party season Smilepod

Oral Hygiene is so important

Since moving house I signed up with a doctor and dentist. Dentists will do basic tidying up, but you need to pay separately for a hygienist. I noticed that my teeth were not looking so great. Despite cleaning my teeth daily I could tell my front tooth had become stained and was conscious of not smiling for photos. When you work in events it’s important to look and feel your best, so it was quite important to fix this before events season started once again.

Brighten up your smile for party season

Smilepod Moorgate

Everyone was incredibly friendly at Smilepod – something which really puts you at ease. My appointment was booked for the afternoon after my lunch-break. Not only is it incredibly convenient, but the service is incredibly thorough yet is over very quickly.

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High Gloss Diamond Polish®

You can treat yourself to a luxurious clean, scale & polish with extra stain removal simply on your lunch break. The hygienist who looked after me was so caring and kind. If you fear dentists there is nothing more they can do to make you feel at ease. She even suggested that if you don’t like the sounds, you can always take headphones to drown them out.


I highly recommend Smilepod. The High Gloss Diamond Finish would normally cost around £97 but I see that as an investment in yourself. Your teeth, gums and smile. You can pick from a number of locations around London and it is so easy and convenient. You can pop in on your lunch-break. People did comment at work on my teeth. I felt so much more confident and am going to book a return visit in a few months.



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