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Broke Girl's Guide to Cinema

Broke Girl’s Guide to Cinema

I used to work for ODEON for four and a half years in their marketing team, looking after their website and email marketing. I was lucky enough to go to film premieres, screenings and spend time learning about the film and cinema industry.

Broke Girl's Guide to UK Cinemas

Film week

A film week runs from Friday to Friday so films are changed over on a weekly basis. For any films where there is a huge demand, you may want to consider booking in advance or wait until the film is out. That said, I know if I don’t go when the film is first out I tend to forget and then miss it!

Food & Drink

Depending on whether you want to go to the cinema on the cheap or make a night of it. Retail prices mean that sweets and general drinks are more expensive than if you buy in the shops. I have bought my own bottle of cava and sweets into the cinema before, with plastic cups to celebrate Valentines Day with a friend of mine. Many cinemas now have luxurious seating and bars, but just check prices before you buy.

National cinema chains

The UK is dominated by a number of cinema chains: Vue, ODEON, Cineworld, Showcase and Empire Cinemas. All have cinemas dotted throughout the UK. They show key releases and will each have their own regional and national promotions.

If you head to Leicester Square then you will find many of the cinemas where they host film Premieres.

Arthouse Cinemas

You will also find more Art-house cinemas throughout the UK. Curzon, Picturehouse, the Everyman, and Light cinemas are all examples of these.

The Prince Charles Theatre
The Prince Charles Theatre

The Prince Charles Cinema

A hidden gem off Leicester Square is The Prince Charles Theatre, which I absolutely adore.

MovieHouse Ireland

Regional & Independent cinemas

Northern Morris six traditional cinemas | Merlin mainly operating in Cornwall and Devon | Parkway four cinemas | Reel mix of traditional cinemas and multiplexes | Savoy in the English Midlands| Scott mostly in the English West Country.

Arc, Movie House (the Irish Republic) and Omniplex (Northern Ireland) operate in Ireland.