Eshaan Akbar ‘Prophet like it’s hot’

eshaan akbar photo by steve ullathorne

Monday 11th – Wednesday 13th February 8.45pm, Soho Theatre

“an intelligent maker of points and a wealth of fascinating facts.” 

SCOTSMAN – Kate Copstick

After a hugely successful sell-out and critically acclaimed second hour at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Eshaan Akbar has announced a Soho Theatre run from 11th – 13th February of ‘Prophet Like It’s Hot’.  The show is funny, informed, important, poignant and, at times, challenging from this exciting and talented stand up, writer and performer.

Eshaan akbar photo by steve ullathorne

What others say…

Finalist – So You Think You’re Funny  & Laughing Horse

Winner – Piccadilly Comedy Club Comedian of the Year

“…edgy & inspired”HERALD – Gayle Anderson

“…With his big, sunny stage presence Akbar surely has an even sunnier future.”

DAILY MAIL – Patrick Marmion

“…so slick I could have been watching at live at the Apollo set”

BEYOND A JOKE Bruce Dessau

“Likeability & charm” CHORTLE – Steve Bennett

“Isis have described this show as a ‘target’”— explaining Islam
while disagreeing with it“

“It’s a finely balanced show: comic, well researched and tightly constructed then pulling back to poignantly end on a deeply personal note.”  FEST ****

Who knew the Koran was actually quite funny, in a modern context? At a time where idiots from the far-right announce “Punish A Muslim Day”, to the left decrying Islamaphobia, Akbar has a balanced, nuanced take on the Koran and the associated Hadith (the life and times of the Prophet).

steve ullathorne

Eshaan Akbar ‘Prophet like it’s hot’

“Prophet Like It’s Hot” is slick, entertaining, and downright hilarious.” FRESH AIR *****

Akbar talks us through his own hilarious tales of observing and then embracing British drinking culture, his relationships, and his journey to becoming an “unbeliever” – and what the Koran says will happen to him. Eshaan guides us to the passages from the Koran and words that may have been lost in translation. A lot of what the Prophet Muhammad is criticised for, actually makes sense for the time – from marrying multiple wives (and the associated problems with no longer being single) through to why it’s not advisable to have pictures of the Prophet around! He also discusses the attitude to solitary confinement for women on their periods through to homophobia.

“a natural comic, with an ability to tell stories about a 7th century text with the same wit and pathos as those about his own life. His delivery is calm, without the over-eagerness to please of some comedians, yet perfectly in control of his audience.”  VOICE MAG ****

He talks about his own relationship with the faith now and takes a pop at fundamentalist Atheists who dismiss anyone having faith. Having suddenly lost his mother, almost four years ago, Akbar talks us through a Muslim burial (including being a fat man in a tiny grave), Muslim attitudes to death and the afterlife and how he still visits his mum’s grave and prays, ‘Islamically’, for his mother as a source of comfort and the only connection to that faith. And don’t we all hold on to something important from our past that we believe no longer to be true – like Santa…? After speaking to some of his well-respected comedy colleagues and other Muslims, their first question was “aren’t you afraid of being killed”. And this is why this show is important and necessary. If the very defenders are afraid of the thing they’re defending, there’s a problem.


“A clever well crafted Fringe Show”  AU REVIEW ***1/2

Eshaan has appeared on BBC 2’s The Big Asian Stand Up Show, Channel 5’s ‘Outrageously Funny’ & Channel 5’s When TV Animals Go Horribly Wrong, ‘Pie & A Pint’ (Comedy Central) and can soon be seen on the BBC1 – Walks of Life  And on radio on BBC Radio 4’s “The Now Show” and is a regular weekly host of both “Countdown to Kick-Off” on Saturday afternoons on LoveSport Radio and Quotas Full – one of the most exciting podcasts in the country.

Recently Eshaan has provided support to the likes of Rory Bremner & Jan Ravens, Hal Cruttenden as well as Micky Flanagan and Dane Baptiste, Akbar is also a regular feature at festivals, clubs & comedy nights around the country. He has previously written for The Guardian, The Times and The Huffington Post and has worked in banking, government and speechwriting. He has also dabbled in Bollywood dancing and amateur dramatics. Akbar is nothing short of multi-talented!