Estrella Damm launch short film feat. Peter Dinklage


Estrella Damm, the Mediterranean beer of Barcelona, recently launched its 2018 campaign. Unveiling an exclusive trailer for its latest short film, ‘La Vida Nuestra’ (Our Life) starring Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage

Estrella Damm announces launch of short film featuring Peter Dinklage

‘La Vida Nuestra’ (Our Life) to be shown in the UK for the first time 

‘La Vida Nuestra’ is to premiere at on Thursday 3rd May. Featuring Spanish talent Álvaro Cervantes, Íngrid García-Jonsson and Marcel Borràs. Alongside Peter Dinklage under the guidance of award-winning Film Director, Raúl Arévalo and Creative Director, Oriol Villar.Estrella Damm announces launch of short film featuring Peter DinklageLa Vida Nuestra” is the third in a series of short films produced by Estrella Damm over the past three years that offers a taste of the Mediterranean in the UK. ‘Vale’, starring Dakota Johnson and directed by Alejandro Amenábar. As well as ‘The Little Things’ directed by Alberto Rodríguez, featuring Jean Reno, were well-received and inspired beer drinkers to enjoy life to the full.
Estrella Damm announces launch of short film featuring Peter Dinklage

Estrella Damm pops up to party in Hoxton Docks 

Tomorrow night, Estrella Damm beer will pop up in the Hoxton Docks from 8pm. The mediterranean experiential evening will showcase the City of Angels, beaches of Barcelona and the night-life of Amsterdam in one evening. There will be a special unveiling on the evening, featuring a special message from Peter Dinklage. With Michelin star food provided by Spanish specialists Jose Pizarro, Brindisa and Sabor. As well as plenty of Estrella Damm to accompany! Let’s drink to that!