How to Optimise Your Online Dating Profile For Better Luck In Love

Valentine’s is right around the corner. Romantic for some, a reminder about how single we are to the rest of us. Let’s face it, dating today isn’t what it was 50 years ago. Flowers and polite introductions have been replaced with swiping and unsolicited messages from strange souls. Contrary to the general dating app experience, it is possible to find love through dating apps. It is estimated that one in three people have found love through dating sites, so there is hope after all! This being said, knowing how to attract the right people through a simple dating profile is an intricate task to master, but you can master it. 

In this blog post, we will share exactly what your protective partners will want to see from your dating profile. You deserve to find love too, so why not optimise your dating profile to give you the best chance at finding it? Check out the following tips:

Find the right app 

Let’s get down to the basics. Choose your weapon, aka your dating app of choice. There are so many dating apps around that it can be tricky to find the right one. Here is a breakdown of the best dating apps and the benefits of using each:


Main Features: Swipe right to like, swipe left to pass. Mutual likes result in a Tinder match.

User Base: Large and diverse user base.

Target Audience: Generally used for casual dating and hookups, but relationships can also happen.


Main Features: Similar to Tinder with swiping, but women make the first move after a Bumble match.

User Base: Diverse; known for a more respectful and empowering atmosphere.

Target Audience: People looking for a range of relationships, including friendships.


Main Features: Designed to be deleted – focuses on fostering meaningful connections. Users answer prompts to showcase their personality.

User Base: Geared towards individuals seeking long-term relationships.

Target Audience: Those looking for serious relationships and meaningful connections.


Main Features: An extensive questionnaire helps match users based on compatibility.

User Base: Diverse; popular among those seeking various types of relationships.

Target Audience: People looking for serious relationships, but also used for casual dating.

Main Features: In-depth profiles and advanced search options. Uses a matching algorithm based on preferences.

User Base: Broad range of users, including those seeking serious relationships.

Target Audience: People looking for committed relationships, tend to attract an older demographic.

It is crucial to note that these are general options for each app, and you will likely find what you are looking for through each as long as your profile is up to scratch! If you have struggled with online dating, keep things simple. Optimise one dating profile for now, and see how you do. 

Miss The Cliches 

Now you have established the right app for you, you need to understand the importance of skipping cliches. Cliches do not capture people’s attention. Anything from ‘I like taking walks on the beach’ to corny pickup lines, prospective partners will quickly dismiss your profile as it starts to fade in with the rest. You need to be unique and true to you. This shouldn’t be difficult as you are already your own, special, and individual person. Highlight this through your profile, and for the love of god, miss the cheesy pickup lines.  

Look at other profiles 

There is no harm in taking inspiration from others. Check out other profiles to gauge a feel for what people like to read and see on your dating app of choice. If you come across profiles with a lot of adventurous photos, take this as a sign to have pictures of yourself doing different things. If you are someone who summarises yourself in a short and sweet sentence that’s okay. However, if all the profiles that you come across go into detail about themselves, take the hint! Your dating app of choice might feature profiles that are more discrete, or perhaps more open. You do not need to share details of your desired plastic surgery in Manchester or where you live, but details such as your go to meals and hidden talents can be endearing. People want to know more before they make that first initial contact. 

Write what you are looking for 

Obvious? Yes, but so many people neglect the importance of simply stating what they are looking for. If you know what you want, say it! It is not rude, in fact, people will appreciate the honesty. Of course, express your desires within reason. For example, if you are looking for a casual, open relationship, make this clear in your bio. You do not need to go into detail about why, you can save that conversation for the right person. If you are looking for love and a committed relationship, make it known. So many people are looking for transparency. If you can offer this within your dating profile you are already offering serious green flags to prospective lovers. 

Take action shots 

Sadly, people today are extremely superficial, meaning photos and the visual imagery you present have a big impact. If your current images are boring, outdated, and perhaps taken in a dark room, you need an updated range of photos. Collecting new images does not have to be time-consuming. They just need to reflect who you are and what you love. For example, if you like to go for hikes, ask a friend to take a photo of you on top of the mountain. Or, if you love gaming and are looking for a partner who also appreciates the gaming world, take a photo with your headset on or with your set-up in the background. Your images should be breadcrumb hints about who you are and what you enjoy doing, so get up and take some snaps.

Bottom line 

Overall, creating a swipe-worthy dating profile is simpler than it might seem. If you have lacked success on dating sites thus far, ask a friend to join you in completing a “profile audit” and highlight the good and bad points of your profile. Remember, transparency is key, so state what you are looking for, and what you enjoy doing (minus the cliques), and update those photos from 5 years ago, you’re a new person now!