Father's Day
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Let’s not cancel, but celebrate father’s day this year

It’s officially Father’s Day this weekend!

Twice this month I have received emails from brands saying that if I didn’t want to receive Fathers’ Day emails then I could opt-out of these communications. Don’t get me wrong. As a Marketing consultant, I think it’s great that brands are being sensitive to individuals. However, when does ‘cancel culture’ stop celebrating fathers? I might not celebrate (sorry Dad!) but I have two wonderful brothers, and love the fact that they are celebrated on that day for everything they do for their families.

Fathers Day is held on the third Sunday in June (UK, US, Canada)

Fathers’ Day is celebrated worldwide. With lockdown restrictions easing, you are able to celebrate this weekend if you want to go out, out. However, you can still celebrate without having to splash the cash.

5 ways that you can celebrate Father’s Day

1. Send a Father’s Day card

You can send one digitally, give it to him in person or send it in the post. I am a huge fan of Moonpig for any cards that need to be sent globally. Alternatively, the Card Factory is offering to create personalised cards at an affordable price. I am a huge fan of cards. I think this past year has shown people how important it is to tell people how much we love them.

2. Get Dad kitted out this Father’s Day

Whatever your budget, you can find something to give to your Dad. It’s the thought that counts! I have provided some ideas below to help.

The Original Stormtrooper Decanter £24.99 from Thumbsup.com In 1976 prop maker Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios created the original Stormtrooper helmets and armour for the first movie. This decanter is based on the original moulds Andrew produced, as close as it is possible to get to the original film props with a modern twist is holds spirits.

Superman Mug with Cape £12.99 from FindMeAGift.com Make sure they’re ready to save the world every morning with this superman mug. Guaranteed to get them up, up, and away from the snooze button, flying out of the door, ready for action in no time.

The Keepie Uppie Sports Pack £26.40 from PantsandSocks.com By possibly the greatest football of all time CR7 pants by god-like Cristiano Ronaldo will make anyone try some outrageous skills on the local 5-aside pitch. Combined with some classic Puma socks, it doesn’t matter if skills are left at home as dad will look and feel great with this sporty bundle.

You’ve Got This Band £8 from RefocusBands.co.uk a revisable wrist band to give encouragement all year round, simply flip it over and a ‘You’ve Got This’ message will show some support.

3. Host a Euros night

The Wales V Italy Match is going to be at 5 pm tomorrow. If your father is a football fan, leave him to chill out watching the football, or watch it together. The England V Scotland match happened on Friday, but more will be happening on Sunday. Grab some beers (or non-alcoholic) and some munchies, and watch the game!

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

4. Go out for the day

We have all been stuck indoors for so long, why not take Dad out for the day? Reminder: Just be back at 5 pm if he is a football fan!. Start off with a lovely brunch somewhere, then pick somewhere he would love to go to? London puts on so many free events, but you can always go for a walk and picnic (weather dependent). Have fun together and break the routine!

5. Treat him to dinner

It doesn’t matter whether you go out to a restaurant, opt for a takeaway or cook dinner. Treat your Dad to his favourite meal on Father’s Day. If you are looking to dine out, then you will need to follow the rule of six inside, but up to 30 can be seated outside. Only table service is allowed.

TheVeganKind is offering last-minute Father’s Day Gifts if you order by 2 pm on Saturday. You can buy a cruelty-free gift or sample some of the delicious Vegan bundles, which I bought for my housemate at Christmas!

Father’s Day Deals & Freebies:

Look around for all of the offers and competitions on offers over this weekend!

Pizza Express is giving away a free Peroni with your main when you dine Sunday to Thursday to celebrate Father’s Day. They are also giving away a garden cinema package as a competition prize right now! The Sun has compiled the best offers around the UK just in time for Father’s Day.

Best Father’s Day Campaign:

I mean, I couldn’t imagine my Father in his underpants. I am sure you wouldn’t want to either. However, this has to be the best campaign I have seen in researching for this article. You might want to look away before scrolling any further…

Online retailer pantsandsocks.com has launched a range of five designer underwear bundles to help take away the stress of gift buying this Father’s Day. They are available to buy as a one-off as well as on subscription, meaning a regular supply of fresh underwear throughout the year. It will be the gift that keeps giving.

By teaming pants with socks in one pack and pricing it competitively, Pants&Socks is allowing children of all ages the chance to say “Thanks Dad” with a stylish and practical present. The five bundles are:

Never Fails; The Classic Pack – £41.60
Three-pack Calvin Trunk Trunk and a two-pack of Hugo Boss Trouser socks

Posh Pants; The Premium Pack – £36.80
One Pair Derek Rose Trunks and a pair of Falke socks

Keepie Uppie; The Sport Pack – £26.40
Three-pack CR7 briefs and three-pack Puma sports socks

Prints Charming; The Curated Pack – £39.20
Three-pack of Patterned/colour Ted Baker trunks and two-pack Tommy Hilfiger striped socks

Absolute Beginner; The Starter Pack – £25.60
Two-pack of Jockey Microfibre trunks and Three-pack French Connection Business Socks

“Most dads are not that great at keeping their underwear drawer well-stocked. In fact, some still believe in the Pant Fairy, who magically re-stocks it for them,” says Chief Pants Officer and Pants&Socks CEO Richard Clews. “This is a great way to take the pant-buying hassle away and give a little daily luxury for months to come. What dad wouldn’t want that?”