Happy Father's Day

Lockdown diaries: happy father’s day to dads everywhere

Lockdown Diaries: Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere.

Happy Father’s Day!

I have been guilty of not celebrating Father’s Day on this blog as it’s not something that I personally have ever really celebrated. However, this year I thought it was important to celebrate all dads everywhere. Not everyone still has a father in their life, but to all Dads here or not. We celebrate you. This year has been tough and for anyone who has looked after their families, home-schooled, and just generally been there. Then today is extra special and should be celebrated. To anyone missing their fathers who are no longer with us. I’m sending heartfelt love to you all.

Pay out

The Money Shop Pay Out

I think this payday loan journey has been the most emotional. It has been over a year of filling in forms and waiting for feedback. The original payout was due back in 2020, and there have been significant delays. It has been great to share my journey, and talk to others who have been going through this too. To everyone who has been messaging me throughout this experience, thank you. I hope it has helped to have others to talk to. I received my payout finally this week of £493.86 (original redress claim £11, 458.40) but good luck to those who are still waiting for the payout at the end of the month!

Top Tips Header

My Top 3 Lockdown Diaries Tips:


Father’s Day is a day where we take some time out to celebrate dads everywhere. Which made me think that we should be celebrating ourselves more and those people around us. Celebrate those small wins!


That might sound like a crazy thing to say but sometimes money just isn’t important. Being happy, and both physically and mentally well are really important for us all. On the way home from the shops I witnessed a man howling in pain on the floor. A couple of people and I waited for around an hour for an ambulance, and in that time the man we were with lost all sensation in his legs and arm. Not only was he in pain, but he was also mortified that this was happening in such a public way. I held his hand as he cried, knowing how distressing it has been in my life waiting for an ambulance with strangers. Knowing he had a wife and kids made me think about what is important to me. The pandemic has made us re=evaluate our priorities, and spending time with people I love is the most important thing, as well as my health.


Looking after my finances and being in control of my money is an act of self-care. Every month I update my budget, to make sure that I understand where my money is going. Without monitoring my finances, I know that I will become stressed. Most financial stress is not knowing your finances, and I love feeling in control, even when money is tight!

That concludes my NEW Lockdown Diaries series!