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Rooftop Film Club: Love Tips by Madeleine Mason

Rooftop Film Club:  Love Tips by Madeleine Mason

Training in the art of love

  • Rooftop Film Club has hired relationship psychologist and established love mentor Madeleine Mason to train its staff in the ways of seduction and flirtation
  • Madeleine reveals insider tips on how to impress your date and why rooftop film experiences are the perfect location for hearts to combine
  • As London’s summer of love (island) comes to an end, there is still time for love to blossom on the rooftops, especially with the help of Rooftop Film Club’s newly trained love advisers
Rooftop Film Club

Rooftop Film Club has got love on the mind.

This summer has been defined by hot romance; we’re thinking Kem and Chris, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, Cheryl and Liam, and Rooftop Film Club aren’t ready to let the sun set on the season of love. With the help of expert relationship and love psychologist, Madeleine Mason, Rooftop Film Club has found out how to get your date’s heart beating to the right rhythm – and made sure their staff are on hand to dispense expert tips on your next date.

Rooftop Film Club is famed as a dating destination, from first time Tinder meets to rekindling old flames (Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor recently enjoyed a night of passion at Bussey Building). There is just something about the view, the cocktails and those cosy love seats that just gets people in the mood. In fact, the roof has proved so popular with romantics that there have been a number of proposals, and even a wedding on the roof!

To further cement Rooftop Film Club’s iconic date location status, Madeleine Mason, love guru extraordinaire trained Rooftop’s staff to spot the signs of blooming love and offer expert advice to get sparks flying.  Madeleine took staff at Peckham’s Bussey Building through a rigorous training session, including role-play, to train them to spot the signs of a first date and to help any budding lovers land that sought after second one.

Tips include ordering a serotonin-rich pineapple cocktail to get the love hormones flowing as well as advice on how to instil confidence in your match and how to seduce your date with psychological prowess.

Dating is tough, there can be cringe moments where you chat nervously or maybe your date makes the ultimate mistake and chucks a drink over you – no fear, the recently trained Rooftop Film Club love squad are on hand when you need them most. Sneak up to the bar and ask for help on how to turn it from zero to hero.

Rooftop Film Club

Madeleine Mason:  LOVE TIPS


The feeling of falling in love is a chemical cocktail of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. Pineapples are rich in serotonin, nuts (almonds or peanuts) get the dopamine and norepinephrine going. Help love along by ordering a serotonin-rich pineapple cocktail and some peanut butter popcorn before the film.


Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman on the date and regardless of who initiated the date, both have the power to make the relationship grow. If you like each other, whoever initiates these steps can guarantee to cement the relationship. Try something like:
* Give him or her a compliment (I love your shirt, You smell nice, You look great)*
* Express a positive emotion during the evening (I am having such a great time, I love this venue, That film made me feel amazing, I feel really happy tonight)*


We always fear rejection. Two people who fancy each other, sometimes do not get together, because they worry the other person doesn’t fancy them. Eye roll. The quickest way to become a couple is to act like a couple. Book a love seat and cuddle up. Put your head on their shoulder, snuggle up under the blanket. Enjoy the moment of pretence and then revert ‘back to normal’ as soon as the film is over.

As much as you may fancy your date, eating popcorn or whispering comments in their ear during the screening is going to bug them. Don’t do it. Any annoyance will reflect on how they feel about you, and you wouldn’t want to be associated with negative feelings. Luckily, Rooftop Film Club’s wireless headphones save the day here. You can munch away all you like as your date enjoys film bliss without hearing you chew!


This one is obvious – turn your phone off. Resist the temptation to take it out in the presence of your date. Go to the loo if you need to check it (this is what I always do!). Order the Uber from there if you have to. Again, the wireless headphones from Rooftop Film Club really help here, as one buzz doesn’t affect everybody else’s screening pleasure. Once you are home send a text and thank your date for a good time. Don’t wait three days or some arbitrary rule. If you want to see them again, get the next date in the diary sooner rather than later.

Dating expert, Madeleine Mason, explains why the high-altitude outdoor film experience makes a good dating location:

  • Rooftop Film Club is a unique setting. You can only go in the summer at certain times, and so it’s a relatively rare experience, which makes it special to go. Anyone can go down to a nice restaurant at any time. The feeling of ‘this is special’ will spill over to what you think of your date, and help you bond better.
  • The actual venue itself provides a great experience in addition to the movie you have booked to see. Relaxing with a drink before the movie starts and watch the sun set over London. A good experience releases the feel-good hormone dopamine, which enhances your memory. You are therefore more likely to remember that date-night.
  • Rooftop Film Club allows for great photos. You seldom take a couples-selfie in a regular cinema to immortalise the date, but at the rooftop you can. Taking a selfie cements your experience… you can share it with friends and keep the memory alive.


Rooftop Film Club takes summer to new heights