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What Are The Advantages Of Using Shoe Support Inserts In Plantar Fasciitis Conditions?

What are the advantages of shoe inserts for Plantar Fasciitis?

Shoe insoles for plantar fasciitis are a highly proven method that is known for providing some comfort and relief to your feet. In fact, it is used as a remedy for various foot problems. It cures them. If you suffer from foot pain, regular activities such as walking and even standing can be very painful. But by using just a pair of insoles, you can improve the health of your feet. Know the mechanism of action and advantages of shoe support inserts. 

Mechanism Of Action When Inserting Shoe Insoles 

These can reduce shocks and help in proper shock absorption. Shoe insoles designed for plantar fasciitis are not only designed to provide movement to the feet but also to ensure that the total weight of the human body is evenly distributed throughout the structure of the foot. It can be said that orthotic inserts serve the same purpose as tuning a car engine. 

These insoles are great for those who suffer from congenital foot defects and chronic foot problems that lead to pain. It is also recommended for those who suffer from minor leg injuries. By wearing the insoles called shoe support inserts, the foot will be kept in the right position so that the healing process runs faster and correctly. By supporting the structure of the feet, the discomfort and pain experienced by patients are alleviated. 

Advantages of Using Orthotic Insoles 

Wearing plantar fasciitis pads significantly reduces the stress caused by plantar fasciitis. Generally, these are composed of plastic, felt, rubber, and other polymeric compounds. The softer design of the arch support and heel cups mainly aims to reduce the symptoms that provide shock absorption. Other times, shoe support inserts can correct the foot orientation and offer the necessary arch support. 

Because your weight and physical stress are evenly distributed, shoe support inserts prevent micro-fractures that can prevent your feet from getting worse. For those who cannot get the right support level, customized orthotic pads can be used to provide the treatment and comfort needed to improve their quality of life. They are known to be in a slightly higher price range, around $ 200 to $ 800 or more. But it is useful because it is performed after an in-depth examination of: 

  • The condition of your foot,
  • Any structural abnormalities and
  • Patterns in gait. 

Shoe support inserts can also last around 3 years more than their counterparts, which have an average life of about 6 months. Many people suffer from unnecessary leg pain. if they can take advantage of the convenience of orthopedics. Not everyone thinks they need a prosthetic. Orthotics is actually the sole support of the foot. It is specially designed for the unique needs of your feet and is more suitable for general prosthetics that can be purchased in the store. Most custom orthopedic insoles last for 2-5 years based on wear. 

Shoe support inserts need to be replaced in case you have gone through foot surgery that affects the foot shape or if your feet are still growing. These inserts make it easier to adjust the length of your heels. The insert is designed to fit over the shoe’s inner half. This means that the insert does not extend beyond the heel. 


It can be used on shoes with half-length heels or on heels that are higher than 2 inches. You can also use the holder to support your knees and feet. Shoe inserts are usually available in 3 colours, black, red, and green. Made of durable plastic, they are easy to install and remove.

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