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6 Tips to Keep Your Tech Safe When Travelling

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6 Tips to Keep Your Tech Safe When Travelling

These days, when we travel, most of us will take a range of tech devices with us, from our smartphones and laptop to digital cameras. These devices are not only expensive to replace but very important to use. This is why we must know how to keep them safe on the journey.

With that in mind, here are some of the most effective ways of keeping your tech safe when travelling:

1. Get insurance

Hopefully, the rest of the tips in this post will prevent you from needing to use it. It is still a good idea to take out insurance on any devices you travel with, just in case. Many devices will be covered by your home insurance policy, even if you are travelling abroad. Don’t just assume that is the case; check it out, and if it’s not covered, insure it another way.

2. Think about whether you need to take it

The best way to keep your tech safe when travelling is to leave it at home. There is no chance of it getting bashed about by airline staff or stolen while you are distracted. If you don’t need to bring it, leave it at home. Then you won’t have to worry about it at all.

3. Keep them on you

If it is possible to do so, make sure that you keep devices in your hand luggage, They are far less likely to go missing if you have them close to hand than if they have to go through baggage handling. 

4. Wrap them up

If your phones or laptops or whatever, do have to go in with the rest of your luggage. Use your clothing to wrap them up as securely as possible. That way, if they get knocked about a bit during transport. It will be less likely that you’ll end up with a laptop with no sound or a tablet with a cracked screen. Pack them in the middle of your luggage with a soft cushion of clothing above and below.

5. Back everything up

Backing up all of your important documents and photos is sensible. If you should lose your devices and they are not backed up. That information would otherwise be lost forever, and that is the last thing you want to happen.

6. Don’t show it off

If you are travelling in an area known for pickpocketing and thefts. It is a really good idea to keep your tech hidden away as far as it is possible to do so. If thieves don’t know you have anything worth stealing, you are less likely to be a target overall.

6. Avoid public wi-fi

If you can, try to ensure that you have enough data to use your devices abroad. Using public wi-fi is always risky as it leaves your devices open to hacking. This is as true at home as overseas, so be careful.

Safe travels to you and your tech.

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