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How To Accessorise Your Summer Outfits

how to accessorise your summer outfits

How To Accessorise Your Summer Outfits

Accessorising the right way can add a touch of style and flair to your outfits. But nailing your summer accessories can be tricky, especially when trying to shed clothes and layers to beat the heat. But sticking to just a simple Tee with shorts may feel like your outfit is missing something that will take your appearance to the next level. So how can you accessorise in summer without feeling too uncomfortable? The following tips can help. 

1. Settle with a pendant necklace

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A simple pendant necklace can do more for your outfit without adding too much. Pendants are mostly not too flashy or boring. Plus, you can rock them with any summer outfit – formal or casual. Also, they come in a beautiful array of designs, colours, and textures; you can find one for any summer outfit. Even without wearing bracelets or wristwatches, they can easily complete your look and even take your appearance to the next level. 

2. Stick with small, lightweight accessories

If it’s sweltering hot where you live, it’s best you stick with smaller and lightweight accessories. Lightweight earrings, for example, are excellent options to avoid the sticky feeling of other jewellery pieces. Necklaces and bracelets will lie against your skin and may start feeling uncomfortable during the day. You may even notice sweat or moisture gathering on your skin under the accessories in high temperatures. Also, choose lightweight accessories that hang loosely on your skin instead of sticking to it. This way, you can have better aeration between the accessory material and your skin. But don’t focus on the size and weight alone; think about the material.

3. Wear only high-quality materials

The last thing you want to do is wear accessories made with low-quality materials or metals, especially if you plan to hit the beach this summer and swim. Low-quality materials can easily rust when exposed too much to salt and moisture. Of course, the best policy is to not swim while wearing your accessories. But not everyone will want to take off their jewellery anytime they’re going for a dip, especially if you wear body jewellery or piercings. So, only invest in top-quality materials, especially when buying piercing jewellery.

4. Go with compact, trendy bags

You don’t need all the heavy lifting that bigger bags come with – not when you can spice up almost any summer outfit with a smaller, compact option. It should be small enough to carry all your essentials for the day without getting in the way. That is particularly important if you have many activities planned during the day. Trendy, cross-body bags or sling bags are some of the best options for summer. 

5. Don’t forget about your scarves

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Finally, don’t leave your scarves at home when stepping out in the hot summer. Why scarves, you ask? Because they can soak up all the sweat around your neck during the day. That’s besides adding colour and style to your summer outfit. You can also use them to prevent those unsightly tan lines from too much exposure to the sun. While at it, don’t forget your sunglasses and hats also. 

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