Autumn Leaves

Autumn Fashion on a Budget

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Fashion on a Budget

Fashion and trends come and go, and chasing fashion trends can be expensive.  We are all looking to be more mindful of our consumption and buy items with longevity in mind, while also being financially cautious. Having already persevered through one of the strangest years in history, you’d be forgiven for assuming that autumn and winter fashion are somewhat moot. But, as the warm weather leaves us and the cold weather sets in, our wardrobes are ready to make a full seasonal change. Here are some autumn fashion trends for 2020 that will keep you warm, and your bank account happy. 


I don’t think I’m the only one who basically lived in ath-leisure during the lockdown. Whether it was because home workouts were what helped keep your sanity, or you just wanted to be comfortable, ath-leisure seems to be back and better than ever. The question on everyone’s mind is, isn’t athletics clothing pricey at the best of times? No, it doesn’t have to be! 

  • MyProteins: Manchester-founded company MyProteins not only produces award-winning fitness fuel, they also have a wide range of affordable and sustainable clothing for both men and women. If you’re not looking for specific sportswear, they have a range of “Rest Day” clothes which are fashionable and affordable!  
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Plaid flare mini skirts, balloon patterned trousers, and oversized university shirts – this is what vintage dreams are made of. Buying vintage can be expensive, and fast fashion may produce vintage look-alikes that aren’t environmentally friendly. So, how do we get the vintage looks we want, without breaking the bank or harming the environment I hear you ask? Buy second-hand! 

  • Vinted: Started by two friends looking to declutter and wanting to give their clothes a second wind, Vinted is an online second-hand store where you can buy and sell clothing. 
  • Depop: If you’re looking for the Camden of the online world, Depop is built on being a second-hand online retailer. Offering classic vintage pieces for a reduced amount from trusted sellers across the world. 

Layered Up

I think we can all agree that the best part about autumn fashion besides the colours is the fact that we can cosy up in our layers. From stylish windbreakers to corduroy with wool, layers are a must-have in autumn. The problem I run into every year is that coat fashion changes, but prices on the high street don’t. My tip for you: don’t look on the high street! 

  • Select: When talking about clothing, not on the high street, our minds go straight to the likes of ASOS and Boohoo. Though these are fast-fashion online retailers, with a slight price difference, there are even cheaper alternatives. Select offers a great range of clothing not on the high street and is more cost-effective than most online retailers. 
  • Uniqulo: When talking about budget clothing, Uniqulo normally falls under the radar because, on the surface, the price tag doesn’t suggest being financially friendly. But, I believe Uniqulo deserves a spot when talking about affordable clothing due to its amazingly high-quality goods for roughly the same price as H&M or Next.


“These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…” and all of that jazz. A cute pair of boots is an essential part of an autumn look. Not only are they warm and practical for the cooler weather, but they are also stylish and can really make or break an outfit. 

  • Monki: Monki is an online retailer with the aim of being kind to the world and empowering the women within it through fashion. Not only is Monki a sustainable fashion retailer, but they are also one of the most affordable online retailers that offer environmentally friendly and sustainably made clothing.  
  • Reserved: Reserved is one of the largest retailers and producers of clothing in Europe. Reserves collections mix classic forms with inspiration straight from the latest catwalk as well as alternatively designed fashion from modern-day influencers. 


It wouldn’t be Autumn if we didn’t dust off our bobble hats, infinity scarfs, and phone-friendly mits. Not only are hats and scarves practical for the cooler weather, they are also a great way to wrap up (no pun intended) a good autumn outfit. Top the outfit off with a few fashion seasonal must-haves and you’ll be ready to combat the autumn elements while looking good doing it. 

  • Shein: No fashion blog post would be complete without mentioning Shein. Though fast fashion – Shein has some of the best online deals, and some of the best reviews. The clothing range is on average about the same as any other fashion brand, but where you get the best of Shein is in their accessories collections.
  • Romwe: If you’re willing to wait for your accessories, Romwe not only offers fashionable and affordable fashion, but it is also an ethical fashion brand. Their range of fashion accessories isn’t just limited to the standard scrunchies and scarves, but they have a great range of bags, facemasks, and jewellery. 
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