Week 16

Lockdown Diaries: Week 16

Lockdown Diaries: Week 16

Broke Girl in the City’s Lockdown Diaries: Week 16

With my shielding period coming to an end on 1st August. My lockdown diaries are nearly over! I can’t believe it has been 16 weeks since I started writing these.

So much has changed since we all locked down as a country. People buying up toilet rolls and ambushing each other in supermarkets seem a distant memory. Spending weeks not being able to order food online because all of the delivery slots were filled up, has now changed to buying food with Priority slots. I haven’t been able to leave the house for 3 months because I am shielding, and am now looking at a full return to life outside my home.

We all talk about returning to new normal, but for many of us, this normal will be a different experience. People in London are running around Soho drinking, while friends are under a local lockdown in Leicester. It’s a tale of two cities in a modern Dickensian way.


Femme Luxe Jumpsuits

Coming out of lockdown is a great opportunity to invest in a new wardrobe, without putting too much pressure on your finances! I bought some new jeans from New Look, which is still my go-to shop for jeans and shoes!

Femme Luxe has some amazing jumpsuits, which I have reviewed for my blog. Something different, which you can dress up or keep as casual during the summer months.

Hed Kandi: The Garden Party

Hedkandi The Garden Party

A Virtual Livestream: Sunday 12th 3pm

Mark Doyle has organised another amazing Livestream for this Sunday! I feel like I am partying with friends again, so a big thanks to Mark. Really loving the unicorn. Watchparty

Mark has sent a thank you for donating to A Very Kandi Artist Fundraiser
Thank you so much! We are remixing the garden party this week & you can see it on ReelhouseTV.com from 15.00 on Sat & Sun. Because of your contribution we have another 2 weeks of music to bring you including some amazing footage from Ibiza.
Top Tips Week 9

My Top 3 Tips for lockdown: Week 16

As I prepare to come out of lockdown. I have started to think of all of the superficial things that have no longer seemed important. For the first time in years, I haven’t dyed my hair or bought clothes. I haven’t gone anywhere, so it’s going to be quite exhausting commuting again! So let’s see what this week taught me.


I talked to my friend who went to see his parents this week, who insisted on social distancing which he found strange. Everyone’s experience has been different in lockdown. Our NHS hasn’t even had a lockdown and so many amazing people have been working through this whole COVID-19 crisis. Many of my friends are not due to work from the office until 2021, and yet others are required to go back to the office as soon as possible. It’s really important to respect each other and each other’s boundaries. Everyone is different.


Music is my first love. So these HedKandi Sunday Sessions have been a really good feel-good experience. I also spend minimal time watching TV and reading the news. Only enough to keep on top of what’s going on, without feeling affected by it. Do simple things to look after yourself and feel good!


Without spending too much money. I have started to buy clothes for my return to work. I have been looking after my hair and have bubbles on standby for the weekend. To anyone who isn’t working or has recently been made redundant. Spend very little right now. Just remember to buy yourself a treat every so often, however inexpensive.

That concludes Week 16 of my Lockdown Diaries!