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Top 5 London Fancy Dress Shops for Halloween

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My Top 5 London Halloween Fancy Dress Shops for #Halloween

My Top 5 London Fancy Dress Shops for Halloween

I LOVE dressing up! Unfortunately, I have a tendency to leave things to the last minute, so have been known to queue up for hours with like-minded souls in the countdown to Halloween. For some reason it has become a celebrity trend to dress up however you want, but I prefer something Halloween-themed. I have hand-picked my top 5 fancy dress shops in London, all of which have been my go-to places for various themed nights over the years.

1. Escapade, Camden

I love Escapade, and yes, it was here where I queued outside trying to find an outfit last year. The quality of the clothes is great, and there is a whole selection of make-up, accessories and items to make your Halloween special. Be warned, there will be a queue on Saturday, but one to look at if you need something this weekend. During peak hours on Halloween, you will get a quota of clothes to try on as it will get to the point where this is one in and one out the demand is so great. Why not grab a drink at the Hawley or grab a bit to eat in Camden Market to make the day more fun?

Fallen Angel £38.99 | Poison Ivy £34.99 | Zombie Nurse £24.99

2. Angels Fancy Dress, Shaftesbury Avenue

Another amazing shop based in West End. Angels feature some fantastic outfits. Halloween is a great time to have fun. You can make your outfit sexy, macabre, scary or completely bizarre. I have picked three of my favourite outfits below.

Alice in Horrorland £19.99 | Catwoman £39.99 | Skeleton Bones Tutu £27.999

3. Mad World Fancy Dress Hire, Old Street

Mad World has stores in Old Street, West End and Gatwick. My favourite is in Old Street. The outfits are truly incredible. The selection on their website is quite limited, but it is definitely worth a visit. Personally loving the Maggie outfit as something different.

No prices quotes on website but note most are for hire only

4. So High Soho

In the heart of Soho is this fancy dress shop, which I have visited for years. It is another popular destination, but their outfits are also really good. I have picked out my top 3 favourite outfits for this weekend, but check out their website to see which one you like the most.

Fever Skeleton dress £34 | Horror school girl £32 | Zombie Policewoman £26

5. Party Superstore, Clapham

My other top fancy dress store is based in Clapham. You can visit their other stores in Sutton and Croydon. The best thing about this store is that they have a great variety of costumes and all look great. Some are already reduced to clear so you may be able to snap up a great bargain if you head down this weekend!

Catsuit £39 | Skeleton dress £26.99 (reduced) | Witch £19.99

I love dressing up at Halloween! Not only is it important to get your outfit right. Also, focus on your make-up. Luckily, our friend Azim provided people at his party to do professional make-up for us, but you can easily do this at home.

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