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10 things being broke taught me

As you can probably tell by my blog, things have gotten a little better over the last few months. I started a new job, was able to pay off my 25k loan and finally, my credit rating jumped from zero to (almost) hero within months.

However, much of my life I didn’t manage my money very well. I was living from payday to payday. I would spend all my salary each month so yes, I didn’t once save anything for an emergency fund.

So it was only when I lost everything, that being truly and utterly broke, as in getting down to your last £20 in the bank broke, taught me is this:

1. Essential Living

Subscriptions to Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime were cancelled. When you are really broke, you can only afford essentials, not luxuries. I went through my bank account scrupulously to discover what was going out of my account each month. Phone insurance, Now TV, Netflix…they all add up.


Friends xx

2. Friends and family

Family and friends are so important. You might have to spend some time not going out –  it might feel like forever – for drinks, birthday parties, festivals. However, your real friends will stick by you and will keep checking in. Whether they are old or new, people will genuinely surprise you. More importantly. I have never been so close to my mother as I am now.10 things being broke taught me

3. To buy or not to buy

A year not buying clothes, make up, unless essential is quite a challenge. When you have nothing left, you will protect the money you have. I wouldn’t bat an eyelid spending £30 on a foundation, £10 on eyeliner, £25 on new shoes. When you are well and truly broke, you can’t afford to spend like this anymore. So don’t.

4. Regrets

I don’t care much for the expression ” no regrets”. When the money is gone, you will regret every stupid financial decision you have ever made. Mine include cashing in my pension, blowing hundreds of pounds buying drinks at the bar for everyone. Then there will be the bad career decisions you made. Not going for the job which was twice your salary out of loyalty to your employers. Not asking for more a par rise. Personally I think this is a rite of passage. It will make you stronger.


5. Budget / Savings

The first time I ever saved in earnest was when I had very little money. I started an account depositing £25 a week. It’s amazing that for the first time in years, my credit score went up. I not only saved but paid off my credit cards bit by bit and my loan. It’s incredible how much you can save over time just investing a small amount. Read my article on How to save for an emergency fund on a budget.

10 things being broke taught me

6. Confidence

Your confidence during times like these will be affected. Whether you are flat broke, having to live at home, being made redundant, all of these things means that your ego will take an absolute beating. Keep a good set of friends of family around you who will keep your spirits up. Ask for recommendations on Linkedin to remind yourself just how brilliant you are. You have got this!

7. Relationships

Unfortunately, money stress can make or break a relationship. Especially when you have nothing. Some people may be there for you during these times. Others may not. Just make sure you look after yourself. Don’t be pushed to spend money you don’t have to try to keep a relationship going.

Marilyn Monroe

American actress, model and singer Marilyn Monroe poses in a studio in a ballerina dress by fashion designer Anne Klein as part of the ‘Ballerina’ series, one of Greene and Monroe’s most recognisable collaborations, New York, October 1954.

8. Do things that are FREE!

I started this blog as a way to have a fabulous lifestyle in London with next to no money. Living in the city is expensive but you can still have fun…watching free film screeningsfree art galleries I even went to the MTV Presents Trafalgar Square gig due to winning a free ballot. Start reading again. Spend time doing things which are free.

10 things being broke taught me

9. Take good care of yourself

With a depleted bank account, comes fewer opportunities to do all the things you used to. Manicures, expensive haircuts, cocktail nights at Shoreditch House. No more. However, drinking water and less alcohol will do wonders for your skin and general wellness.  Use this time to go to bed on time, reward yourself with a bottle of wine every so often, indulge in a lovely bubble bath. Use this time to start taking good care of yourself.

10 things being broke taught me

10. Time to reflect

Being flat broke gave me a chance to reflect on life. I spent the summer of last year in Bournemouth. I hated being away from my friends and city life. However, I got to spend time with my family and I spent lots of time by the sea. My happy place.

Use the time you have in life to do everything you have always wanted to do…like blogging! Money can enhance your life. Just don’t stop doing the things you have always wanted to do. Sometimes these are things that money can’t buy!

10 things being broke taught me